Useful Contacts

For all general enquiries please email

For invoice enquiries please email

Please note Maintenance Payments can take a few days to be credited to your account 


Club President:  Mrs Carol Parkinson

Carol looks after communications with owners, surrender of weeks and management of the Club's bank accounts.

Tel: +44(0)1159 145940



Club Chairman: Mr Albert Fletcher

Albert coordinates all of the committee's work, and manages relationships with the Club's legal representatives. 

Tel. +44(0)121 350 3326



Club Committee Members


Mr Roger Lindsay

Tel: +44(0)1874 731124


Roger looks after data protection and legal matters, invoicing, PayPal management, finance and accounts, and relations with RCI.


Mr Terry Smith

Tel: +44(0)121 531 9353


Terry looks after all aspects of owners' maintenance payments and provides owners with advice prior to travel.


Mr Mac Farquhar

Tel. +44(0)131 664 5004


Mac works hand in hand with the website administrator to register owners, provide them with information, and respond to their email enquiries. He also manages and facilitates the committee's weekly online conference calls. 


Committee Advisors


Mr Ray Steele

Tel: +44(0)7961 293613


Ray, supported by his wife Dot who is the Club's minute secretary, looks after all aspects of owners' invoices and receipts.


Mr Keith Ingles

Keith is progressing the work that the late Peter Booth so ably did on business planning and management information systems.