A Guide to Logging in to the Los Claveles Owners Website


Logging In

Logging In is straightforward providing that you follow a few simple rules.

The first time you Log In Type your Username and Password into the boxes in the Owners Log In area on the Right Hand Side of the Home Page.  Do not cut and paste from a document or Email - it is very easy to inadvertantly add a space or two at the beginning or end of the entry which will be invisible to you but not the system which will see it as part of the username or password and so will not find a match in the User Database and therefore reject your login. 

Once you log in successfully your browser will give you the option of remembering your Username and Password for you.  It is up to you whether you accept this option or are happy to type it in each time.


Contact Details

Once you have logged in please check the Contact Information you entered during the Registration process for accuracy.  In particular Full Name Details, Postal Address Details, and Telephone Details which are required to enable the posting/emailing of important Communications and Documents such as General Meeting Calling Papers to you.


Week Details

Once you have logged in please update your Ownership Information.  This includes Week and Villa Numbers, Club or Escritura Ownership, Certificate and Account Numbers etc.  This is to help us build an alternative to the members Register which is still being witheld by Wimpen/OnaGrup and to validate the number of General Meeting votes that you are entitled to cast.

To register your weeks click on the 'Your Weeks' link in the 'Owners Menu' on the Right Hand Side of any webpage.

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