API Key Unavailable, Invalid or Out of Date Error Message

Following the transfer of the website some owners using certain devices and browsers may have been prevented from logging in due to a persistent 'API key Unavailable, Invalid or Out of Date' Pop Up Message.

This condition occurs where:

  • your web browser has 'cached' or saved out of date information and is unable to update that information due to browser security settings.


  • you accessed the site with the shortened URL (address) https://losclavelesowners.eu**


  • you have used a search engine to find the website

To overcome these conditions owners must delete all bookmarks/favourites/cookies relating to 'losclavelesowners.eu' and clear their browser cache.  Then access the site by clicking on this link   https://www.losclavelesowners.eu   or pasteing that link into their browser address bar.  They should not in any circumstances use the Google or other Search box for this.

To remove Cookies please refer to the Cookie Help Page.

Once they have accessed the site, having accepted the Cookie Policy pop-up, they can then recreate their Bookmarks/Favourites.


** Prior to the statutory implementation of Cookie Controls the shortened URL worked as expected and was published in a number of earlier articles, documents and emails and as a consequence was stored in the Google search engine.


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