A Guide to Registering and Logging in to the Los Claveles Owners Website


Registration is straightforward providing that you follow the guidelines on the Registration Page.

In particular the advice to use a simple username with no Uppercase characters and no spaces or periods etc is very sound. A simple username is easy to remember - you can easily forget that you need a Capital letter or a space.  The system is Case Sensitive so a simple error like that will prevent you logging in successfully.  The username must be unique to the system so a UserName of 'john' or 'jane' is sure to result in a 'User Name Exists' error now that the website has over 1600 registrations.

The password MUST be at least eight (8) characters long and contain at least one Uppercase Alpha (Aa-Zz) character and at least one Numeric (0-9) character.  It cannot contain anything other than Alpha Characters and Numeric Characters.  A password not meeting those requirements will be rejected and result in an Error Message below the password box.

You must make sure that the EMail Address that you register is correct before clicking the 'Submit' button.  The system will send the activation Email to that Address so if it is not yours you will not receive it.  The system does check to see if the EMail Address is correctly formatted and that the Domain Part (the bit after the '@' sign) exists.  Please be aware that once an Email Address is registered it cannot be used again in a second Registration Attempt should you think that the first registration failed.

Registration also requires that you complete the mandatory fields (marked with *) of your Contact Details.  These includes Full Name Details, Postal Address Details, and Telephone Details.  This is to enable the posting of important Communications and Documents.

Logging In

Logging In is straightforward providing that you follow a few simple rules.

The first time you Log In Type your Username and Password into the boxes in the Owners Log In area on the Right Hand Side of the Home Page.  Do not cut and paste from a document or Email - it is very easy to inadvertantly add a space or two at the beginning or end of the entry which will be invisible to you but not the systemwhich will see it as part of the username or password and so will not find a match in the User Database and therefore reject your login. 

Once you log in successfully your browser will give you the option of remembering your Username and Password for you.  It is up to you whether you accept this option or are happy to type it in each time.

Week Details

Once you have logged in please update your Ownership Information.  This includes Week and Villa Numbers, Club or Escritura Ownership, Certificate and Account Numbers etc.  This is to help us build an alternative to the members Register which is still being witheld by Wimpen/OnaGrup and to validate the number of votes that you hold.

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