20th March 2020

Los Claveles Lockdown Update


Latest Info

All Hotels and Tourist Accommodation must close down by midnight Monday March 23rd.  All  non-residents have to leave the Island.  As a result Los Claveles will close down until further notice.  Hopefully the last owners/renters will have managed to get on the Rescue flights being arranged by the Airlines.  Yesterday Taxis to the Airport would not carry more than 2 Adults so sharing between couples was not an option.  Today it is one Adult per taxi so couples have to take TWO taxis and of course are being charged for both.  It is unclear whether this is an official rule or a 'make what we can while we can' tactic of the Taxi Drivers themselves. 

RyanAir is charging £250+ per person for passengers that were booked on return flights to Bournemouth scheduled for mid-April and have intimated that they will not refund the original much lower fares.  BA appear to be taking a similar line. 


As a result of the Ruling from Madrid where the Spanish President has taken control of the autonomous territories (The Canaries etc) the islands are in the same lockdown status as in Mainland Spain.   As a consequence we have been instructed by Snr Castro to remain in our villas except to go to the shops for food or to chemists for medication.  We are not to interact with other owners.

All restaurants, cafes, etc are closed including those on the resort.  However takeaway services are allowed and such a service is being provided by the Pool Bar.  Swimming Pools and the beaches are also closed.  Some resorts are allowing sun beds around their pools but these have to be placed at least 2 metres apart.  At LC the sunbeds have been withdrawn completely so the only sunbathing facilities are the sunbeds on the balconies or those around the Studios.

To date as far as we are aware all on the resort are well and in true British fashion are supporting one other in particular with helping the technophobes with handling technology to rebook return flights as the operators announce their 'rescue' plans.  (Naturally in true French fashion the 'rules' are being interpreted somewhat liberally!)

For the record the State official newsletter - emergency regulations Covid-1 setting out the rullings can be found here.